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The inner-city sanctuary of curves & elegance

Curved beauty.

The inner-city sanctuary of curves & elegance

Paige Wieselmann

Date published
26 Feb 2021

Anderson Park

As Anderson Park quickly takes shape, we're reminded of the architectural language of this curved beauty.

Flawless curved slab edges are matched internally with curved walls that are now so beautifully on display, a true testament to its detail, implemented by skill and skill only. The intricate sub wall system created specifically for this detail by the Ironside team stands tall in its essence, complimenting true and thorough construction methodology.

As the project moves into its finishing stages, these truly bespoke details are beginning to shine.

The locally sourced joinery adds to the effortless sense of luxury that will leave you in awe—complemented by light-filled apartments and continuous flow from the outside in.

Anderson Park is about enduring design. Ironside has taken careful consideration to ensure the execution will be what is envisioned. Handing over a project of this quality is what the Ironside brand is built on.

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