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Like the Artisans of old.

This building, mastered by the Ironside team, reflects our commitment to innovative craftsmanship.

Like the Artisans of old.

Paige Wieselmann

Date published
16 Jul 2021

Artisan Precinct

They say… ‘you can’t have it all’ but that doesn’t apply when talking about the new suburb YarraBend brought to you by Glenvill Developments.

Curating a community, YarraBend masterplan divides the 14 hectares into six separate precincts – each is a distinct reflection and response to the artistry, heritage and aesthetics of its surrounds. Glenvill Developments careful design process has ensured the precincts have their own unique personalities while blending seamlessly together.

So, where does Ironside fit into this? Sitting within the 14 hectares lives the architecturally striking Artisan Precinct, designed by Australia’s leading design firms DKO and Technē, together we are bringing this important piece of heritage to life.

Project Update

With the precinct being made up of three individual buildings, intricate construction sequencing has taken place to build this mini-city. Multiple zones ranging from structures to finishes was a coordination effort yet moved like poetry in motion. Each step carefully planned, 700 window elements installed first, sealing the building and making light for what is the centrepiece of this master design. Paving the way into fitouts, which brings together the sophisticated interior palettes referencing the rich heritage of the once renowned Alphington Paper Mill.

Externally, the Artisan Precinct is one to awe. Building this intricate façade required a meticulous eye for detail.

Layers of metalwork, timber and feature circular screens are the key elements that make up this picturesque façade now coming together for a grand reveal.

With a combined workforce of 200 strong at its peak, staging the three builds meant for a swift transition across all fronts and ensured all contractors were perfectly spread across the project.

Like the Artisans of old; Ironside, using quality artistry and methods enabled the apartments to quickly take shape and come together. This building, mastered by the Ironside team, reflects our commitment to innovative craftsmanship.


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