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Heritage - Meets - Modernism

'True to Ironside's testament, there is always more than meets the eye'

Heritage - Meets - Modernism

Paige Wieselmann

Date published
01 Apr 2021

AteliƩr Residences

Ateliér Residences has commenced and breathing life back into Collingwood. Hidden behind the heritage façade dating back to the 50s, Ateliér Residences by GURNER™ will soon emerge as a beacon of Collingwood, bringing modern bespoke design into a much-needed space of the popular inner-city suburb. 

Ironside is set to deliver fifty-three high-end apartments that sit amongst ninety-five hotel rooms, complete with a rooftop pool & spa and the backdrop of Melbourne's city skyline.

Project Update

True to Ironside's testament, there is always more than meets the eye. With pilling due to commence in the coming days, getting to this point took calculated intricacy.

The custom gantry designed specifically for the retention of the façade gives us the ability to facilitate what's necessary to progress forward. Over 30 tonnes of steel make up the gantry, footed with over 50 tonnes of concrete ballast, made insitu by our very own Ironform.

A custom truck opening has been engineered into the existing heritage façade to allow heavy machinery to pass through.

The 50-year-old bricks have been removed to create the opening, palletised and stored off-site to later be returned to their original home.

As we prepare to put a hole in the ground, be sure to watch this space as we bring life back into what was once Studio 52.

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